Wednesday, 23 September 2015


This app was created by XDA Developer, Amarull. This app is the first of its kind.
AROMA File manager is a file manager with a GUI and is run while your phone is in Recovery Mode.
As a file manager, it performs simple task like copying, pasting, file and folder creation or deletion, and so on — while the device is in Recovery Mode.

1.An Android device with ClockworkMod Recovery or any custom recovery installed.
2.DOWNLOAD the AROMA File manager package.
3.Backup all personal data on the device.
4.Battery charge of 50% or more. 

1.DOWNLOAD the AROMA Filemanager ZIP package.

2.Copy the file to the root of your phone’s SD card.

3.Reboot your device into Recovery Mode.  (NOTE: The instructions that follow presume that you’re using ClockworkMod Recovery.)

4.Choose Install ZIP from SD Card > Select ZIP from SD Card and select the file.

5.Select Yes to install the file.

6.You’ll get a prompt on the phone’s screen and a choice whether you want to use an alternative touch method.

(A) To check if the touch input works, tap the No button a few times. If it works, AROMA File manager will start.
(B) If it doesn’t work, select the Yes button using the Volume buttons and press Power/Home button to select it. Follow the instructions to calibrate the touch screen and AROMA File manager will start.

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