Friday, 4 September 2015


How to Backup MTK Android Stock ROM

Backing Up MTK Android Stock ROM

1- Download the MTK Droid Tools.

2- Download and Install Mtk drivers.

Now, follow the instructions below:

A- Run MTK Droid Tools.exe as administrator.

B- Now, click on the Root, Backup Recovery tab of the MTK Droid Tools and click Backup to start the Full Backup.

C- Wait for the Full Stock ROM backup process to complete. You can check for the backed up stock ROM on this folder: \mtkdroidtools\backups\the-mtk-phone-model-number.
D- Just before the process completes, MTK Droid Tools would ask "Pack Up the Backup?". Select No and wait until Droid Tools display Task Complete.

Now, you have successfully backed up the stock ROM of your MTK android device. But the task is not fully completed yet, so, don't close MTK Droid Tools.

You need to prepare the backed up stock ROM so that you could be able to flash it on a phone when needed

Preparing Backed up Stock ROM for Flashing
A- On MTK Droid Tools, click To Prepare Blocks for Flash Tool.

B- On the new Window that opens up, navigate to the folder where you saved the backed up stock ROM and select the file.md5 and click Open.

C- Wait for the MTK Droid Tools to complete the process and copy the files for the flash tool. Once completed, you will see Task Completed on the display.

D- Now, you have created backup of your MTK android device stock ROM flashable via SP Flash Tool.

Faced with this error ;

ERROR - ''file adbd not install '' CLICK Here to resolve it

Learn how to flash mtk phones using sp flashtool HERE

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