Thursday, 17 September 2015


                               IMEI ON SPREADTRUM DEVICES

WriteIMEI tool allows you to write IMEI on your Spreadtrum based
device in few clicks only. 


Features of WriteIMEI Tool

                        Flash Single IMEI:
 It allows you to flash IMEI on Spreadtrum
based device in few clicks (always flash the same IMEI which comes
with the device).

                        Flash Multiple IMEI :
 It allows you to flash multiple IMEI to the
device in single click. Simply Add the IMEI in the input area and
select the mode and click on write to begin.

                       Supports Normal Mode/Calibration Mode:
 It allows you to write
IMEI through two modes i.e Normal Mode and Calibration Mode. In
the normal mode your device should be On before connecting the
device to the computer and in the Calibration Mode you dont have to
press the power key, if you are using the usb cable.

                      Flash IMEI of your choice: 
You can also flash IMEI of your choice
on your device (caution: flashing IMEI different than the original is
illegal, and may cause trouble for you, so beware).

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