Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Partitions refers to the different sections on a physical drive.
Every hard drive in use has at least one partition. 

New partitions can be created by shrinking the original partition.This is useful if you intend to dual boot i.e install more than one operating system on a single Pc.

Multiple partitions is also useful for backup purposes.

Before creating partitions, its best you adhere to the following precautions.

1.Make a full image backup of the entire drive. 

2.Make sure you have enough free room on the
existing partition to create the new one. 

3.Empty the recycle bin.

Windows 7 and 8 both come with a reasonably
useful partitioning tool.

In Windows 7, click Start, or in Windows 8, go to the Search Tab.Either way, 
A.Type partitions,then select Create and format hard disk partitions.

B.The Disk Management program will come up. 

C.To shrink the existing partition, right-click it and select
Shrink Volume.

Then wait. It may take a while Eventually, a dialog
box will ask how much you want the partition
shrunk. The default number will be the maximum available.

D.Set the right size, click the Shrink button, and follow the
prompts. When the resizing is done, right-click the
physical drive's unallocated space and select Simple New Volume.

E.Then follow the wizard.Thats all.

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