Tuesday, 1 December 2015


 Most of us are faced with what can be called [not so original android devices] and most times when these devices are locked, it becomes a pain in the ass to unlock them. This is because these devices do not have recoveries installed on them. To remove forgotten passwords on such devices you will need the box VOLCANO. Do not fear if you do not have access to such box, as the below tutorial will teach you how to do this using your Pc and without the box.

1.Install Spreadtrum Drivers on the computer. 

2.DOWNLOAD and Extract Debug Tool and while inside it navigate to DEDUG_TOOL\ResearchDownload\Bin\Researchdownload.exe.

3.Run it.

4.DOWNLOAD SC6820 DOWNLOAD SC8810 and Extract the userdata file.

5.Choose SC6820 or SC8810 Packet on Load Packet within the tool.

6.Click the Play icon.
7.Power off the device.

8.Hold the Volume UP or Volume DOWN button and plug in the phone in computer. 

9.Userdata files will be flashed to the device(remember userdata includes customizations and phone settings). 

10.You should see “Passed” message.

11.Unplug the phone, remove and reinsert the battery then power on the phone. Done!!!

If you find any error on device, change compatible fdl1.bin & fdl2.bin in Download settings in the tool.

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