Friday, 8 January 2016


Before you start this, Verify that your phone has ‘Build Number: IMM76D.SC06DOMALK2 or earlier.


      "contents of folder"
      a. EFSBackups SC-06D
      e. SC06D-JB-MR1-KBC-CWM-V6.0.1.2_r15-recovery-odin.tar.md5
      f. stock_recovery.tar.md5
1. Install Samsung ADB Drivers onto the PC.
2. Copy and paste to memory card.

4. Boot the phone to Download Mode by holding down the Vol Down + Home buttons while its booting. Release the buttons once some Japanese text comes up. Just hit the Vol Up button to accept (Vol Down means "Cancel") The screen should now have some text in the top left corner and show the Android robot with the words “Downloading.. Do not turn off target!!”. If you do not get to this screen and end up back into Android, try again.
5. In ODIN (again, verify that AUTO REBOOT is unchecked) 

6. Click on PDA box in ODIN. Attach SC06D-ICS-KBC-CWM-V6.0.1.2_r1-recovery-odin.tar.md5.

7. Click the Start button at the bottom of ODIN. Wait for it to say “RESET”.
8. **READ THIS STEP COMPLETELY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING TO THE PHONE!!** Unplug the phone. Hold the power button down, once it goes black QUICKLY press and hold the Vol Up + Home buttons to take you directly into Recovery Mode. (DO NOT LET IT BOOT INTO ANDROID!) 
9. You should now be in Recovery Mode. You should see an orange circle with a hat on it in the middle of the screen. This is ClockWorkMod(CWM) Recovery Mode. Use the Vol Up and Vol Down buttons to move the highlight bar up and down and the Power button to select. Go to “Install zip from SD Card” and then “Choose zip from SD Card”. Select and flash.

10. **READ THIS STEP COMPLETELY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING TO THE PHONE!!** After the zip file as loaded, it shouldn’t take but a few seconds, highlight and use “***go back***” until you are back at the top menu. You should see “reboot system now”. Be ready to put the phone back into Download Mode again by holding the Vol Down + Home buttons. Again, you have to be quick with this and don’t let the phone go into Android. 
Note: if you skip this next step and choose to keep CWM recovery installed instead of the stock_recovery, then many of the SC-06D's functions will not work. The stock_recovery MUST be flashed/installed everytime before booting into Android.
11. Plug your phone back into your PC. Open ODIN back up, if its not still open, If it is still open hit the RESET button. You should still see “0:[COM#]” in the ID:COM box saying ODIN sees your phone. *** UNCHECK AUTO REBOOT!!** Click the PDA box again. Load up stock_recovery.tar.md5. 

12. Click the Start button at the bottom of ODIN. Wait for the box at the top left to say RESET. 
13. Reboot the phone and let it go all the way into Android. You are now Rooted!

(Note: If at any point you let the phone boot into Android by mistake while CWM recovery was still flashed, then you will find some hardware functions on the phone will be broken, the ONLY way to fix this, is to re-install stock ROM and start over)

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